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(17) Linda Rice
sam., 5 octobre 2019 18:22:37

We had a ful day tour of the Médoc area with Sébastien today, and it was wonderful! He is a great driver with a very comfortable van. He was charming and had extensive knowledge of the area as well as a good bit of knowledge of the history of this area. We booked him on short notice--2 days, and he was able to get reservations for tastings at 4 chateaux, as well as a lovely lunch place. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and came home with lots of treasures from the vineyards. We recommend his service to you most highly! Linda Rice MD . Florida, USA

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(14) Paul
mer., 5 juin 2019 21:22:40

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(10) David, etc. de Genève
ven., 25 mai 2018 07:59:04

Un plaisir de s'évader dans cette belle région bordelaise, emmenés par Sébastien qui est très agréable et qui connaît parfaitement sa région et nous régale de ses anecdotes.
Sans doute la meilleure façon de découvrir la région, en ce qui nous concerne Saint-Emilion et ses alentours ainsi que la ville de Bordeaux.

(9) Cameron McRae
lun., 29 mai 2017 17:21:05

It was a pleasure being shown around by Sebastian. He was very knowledgeable and was able to educate us about the different vineyards, show us around St Emilion, and provide an excellent recommendation for lunch.

He definitely recommend using his service. The van was spacious and comfortable, and he was able to arrange everything for us without having to lift a finger.

Perfect for those of us visiting France who are not the best French speakers! He was able to communicate effortlessly in English making the tour a great success.

(8) Mary Morris
mar., 11 avril 2017 20:54:34

Thank you Sebastian for the most amazing tour of St. Emillion. Sebastian makes his tour perfect for young people exploring the Boudreaux country for the first time. Traveling alone I felt very safe an informended. Thank you! Best recommendation ever!



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